Yoni Bornstein

Founder and Principal

Born in Toronto, Canada, Yoni Bornstein has been involved in real estate investing and multiple successful entrepreneurial ventures over the past two decades. Mr. Bornstein owns and operates businesses in both Canada and the U.S., including restaurants, hotels, warehouses, commercial properties, and land for multifamily and mixed use development. Yoni brings his vast business experience, his natural ability to get deals closed and many partnerships with international investment groups. Yoni mainly focuses on acquisition of properties and creative development planning. Yoni is involved with many charitable committees and organizations, and has received accolades from the Puerto Rican Chamber of Commerce and De Hostos Senior Center. Yoni is the current President of the Wynwood Community Enhancement Association.

Crystal Harris-Waite

With an absolute passion for real estate, Crystal's residential real estate acumen shines throughout her remarkable career. Crystal possesses a depth of knowledge in real estate, mortgages, title, and foreclosure law that spans eighteen years. It is this unique balance of experience which allows Crystal to effortlessly transition from one end of the dynamic real estate spectrum to the other. An alumnus of The University of South Florida and South Florida native, Mrs. Waite is an active member of multiple charitable organizations and mentorship programs in her community.

Wynwood Norte' is a vibrant and walkable Neighborhood with a mix of quality housing options and neighborhood services for current and future residents that builds on its residential character and strengths in arts & culture, education, senior services, and proximity to transit and surrounding urban neighborhoods.

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